The STRAWMAN and bankers.

The STRAWMAN …. and the BANKERS…. The Fraud occurs when a bank advertises that they make “loans”. What they call “loans” should more properly be called “exchanges”. Why? Because actually TWO LOANS occurred in that transaction at the bank. THEY loaned you some money (LOAN #1) that paid for a house, for example, in return for your Promissory Note to repay that amount. However, YOU also loaned them some money (LOAN #2) when they DEPOSITED the amount of your Promissory Note into their General Ledger by: 1) debiting that amount as an ASSET into an “Accounts Receivable” account, and then; 2) crediting that same amount as a LIABILITY into an Accounts Payable account, described as “the borrower’s deposit account”. They are required to ledger both of these two offsetting entries in order to comply with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and also relevant banking regulations that require them to reveal the source of the funds for the Promissory Note, and also to keep the general ledger in balance in a double-entry bookkeeping system. The fraudulent concealment, fraudulent conversion and “fraud in the factum” (fraud in the execution) occurred when they did not disclose that: 1) they opened a “borrower’s […] → Full article The STRAWMAN and bankers.


MONEY All notes in circulation have little or no true value . True money you can exchange at the bank for gold or silver . These are promissory notes which means they are IOU. There’s nothing giving the paper value nothing backing it up except for our sweat equity or labour. This makes us the creditors not the banks and this is why all mortgages and debts are fraudulent and null and void . You see the bank doesn’t lend us anything it has nothing to lend only fancy paper IOU which have no value in reality. Your labour is the most valuable commodity on the planet which is why the banks print money from nothing and we have to work for it. This is illegal and unlawful as we have the right not to be slaves it’s written in the human rights act. No man can own another man therefore no man can take the fruits of another man’s labour making all income tax unlawful. They don’t lend us anything they simply facilitate access to our own credit which should be cheap and easy to access. A banker should be on the same wages as a librarian because all […] → Full article Money

Income Tax

Written by Juha kulevi kiskonen   How you are tricked into believing you must pay Income Tax… You have been tricked, into believing that you, a member of the public, must pay an income tax, when you are not required or obligated to do so… Let me expose the Governments fraud on you… All definitions in this post, are taken from Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th edition, some definitions are very long so ‘I will only use the relevant parts, but the whole definitions will be at the very bottom of this post. Before I do get into why we are not obligated to pay taxes, and how you have been fooled into believing you must, we have to ask, what is a ‘TAX’?, A pecuniary burden laid upon individuals or property to support the government, and is a payment exacted by legislative authority… A brief history on tax in Australia… Sovereign Australian citizens didn’t always pay taxes on income, in fact Australians never did as free men under our Constitutional right to Common Law, Magna Charta and our Unalienable Natural rights, taxes on citizens only came about due to the first world war, businesses were already paying all they could. […] → Full article Income Tax

Royal assent

G’day Australians, written by Juha kulevi kiskonen   I’m sure you have heard the expression “you should never discuss politics or religion in polite company”? Well since I shouldn’t… today I’m going to talk about one of those and I would really appreciate it if you would stay to hear what I have to say… I know most people couldn’t be bothered or are not interested in politics, I’m not a fan of it either but, it is in your best interests to take note. This is not simply my point of view and I’m sure many patriotic Australian, hard working parents, like myself, would have exactly the same point of view, but only if you payed attention to what’s happening around you and to this great country as a whole, and knew what I know to be true and correct, which I am quite happy to “Swear to under penalty or perjury”, which caries a two year prison sentence. I’m sure a very large percentage of Men and Woman in this Country believes they are in “The Commonwealth of Australia” and everything is roses, yeah sure we have a few little problems but apart form that everything is just […] → Full article Royal assent

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