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Oaths Everyone you will encounter, in the “Legal” or “Lawful” worlds, will have taken an Oath in order to claim their ‘title’. This includes Judges, Magistrates, Bailiffs, Notaries, Solicitors, Lawyers and … of course … Policymen. Acting within their Oaths, they are what they claim to be. And, in this case, they are all Peace Officers … because that is what their Oaths state. Acting outside their Oath, they are not what they claim to be. Acting outside their Oath, they are simply “Joe Soap” (maybe in in some kind of uniform, but Joe Soap nonetheless). In a Court de jure (Common Law Court), for example, a Judge will be on his Oath. However, as a Judge, he will be offered ’employment’ to run Courts de facto (Courts of Arbitrations of disputes). In these Courts, Magistrates and Judges are not on their Oaths. Thus they are not what they claim to be. They are nothing more than Joe Soap. They can – ALL – be put on their Oaths by saying “I’m putting you on your Oath. Under God, so help me God. Now we have a Contract”. A Judge or Magistrate then has two options. Either to recuse him- […] → Full article public servant oath

Learn your right of consent

Consent is often given by the individual due to ignorance of the fact that their consent can be withheld and their assumption of the existence of the authority of others over them. If the people found out that they can reject oppressive statutes… by withholding their consent – the ruling class would panic because they would lose control. A loss of control by the ruling class would not result in anarchy it would merely result in a shift of power back to the people where it belongs. This process is underway as a consequence of our greater understanding of the difference between laws and statutes. The re-writ Act is a statute. It is unlawful because it is contrary to our constitution which guarantees our right to self-governance. Just because the political establishment refuses to acknowledge and obey our constitution and the rule of law does not make them invalid. If they ignore our constitution and the rule-of-law then we have a right (and a duty) to ignore their statutes… all of their statutes… including the ones giving them the authority to tax us. This writer is not a member (citizen) of the United Nations because membership is determined by consent […] → Full article Learn your right of consent

How to sign your name Without assuming liability

How To Sign Your Name Without Assuming Liability. What does a signature mean? I will tell you right now that when you sign something (no matter what “they” say), it means that you accept liability. And if you don’t read and agree to EVERYTHING you sign, you are making a big mistake. I am constantly being asked… “How do I sign my name? … AND maintain my rights?” We all know that before they let us go, they ALWAYS want us to sign something to keep us coming back. There are other points in the “legal” system where a “signature” is expected or required before the court can proceed as well. I have heard that adding “Under Duress”, or “All Rights Reserved” to a signature when signing a document will maintain our inherent human rights; and while this could work as well, the proper and Latin way to sign under duress is to add a “V.C.” before your name. Vis Compulsiva, abbreviated to V.C., is a latin term. Blacks Law cites the definition of vis compulsiva as: “compulsive force”. “Force exerted by menaces or terror.” Perhaps the most famous use of Vis Compulsiva when signing a document was that of […] → Full article How to sign your name Without assuming liability

Notice of conditional acceptance – Notice of non-response – Notice of estoppel .

The notices provided must be sent in the order of 1,2,3 you will find that you won’t get an answer from the first one as the information you are asking for on these NOTICES can not be provided. But its what’s required for the money transaction to take place under contract. Keep to the date schedule and serve the next NOTICE on the date the reply is due. POST all 3 NOTICES by registered mail with tracking so you know they have been received and ask for a signed return slip for your records. Paperwork is a must, keep on top of it and make sure there are copy’s of all the paperwork to and from because this is legal paperwork and it will be your evidence if they take court proceedings. Signing, in the bottom right hand corner on a 45 degree angle do a thumb print in red then sign and date through it on all pages front and back, to remember this think of a knight drawing his sword which is what this represents. And the reason for signing both sides is so the judge can’t turn the page over and say there is nothing here which […] → Full article Notice of conditional acceptance – Notice of non-response – Notice of estoppel .

Introduction to law

Introduction to law A beginners guide to understanding Law The first book at uni they get to start learning to understand law to become a solicitor. BASED ON UNIVERSITY TEXT BOOK “Understanding Commercial Law WHAT IS LAW. There are various definitions and descriptions of “law”, in general,and “laws”, examples of the law in particular. The law may be described as a collection of enforceable rules applicable to the behaviour of the citizens and institutions of an organised community,such as a nation. THE MEANING OF THE WORD COLLECTION. Collection: In the absence of agreement to the contrary, It is the buyers job to collect the goods,not the seller’s job to send them. Laws may be described as the large numbers of rules imposed upon and enforce among persons in society for achieving of peace and the resolution of disputes. ( The sum total of these laws is called “the law”.) Many other definitions and descriptions can be found,but in general, legal commentators agree that the concept and existence of “law” is a characteristic of all human communities, past and present. The laws of a sovereign nation-state, such as Australia, share the following factors: 1. They are made by human beings and […] → Full article Introduction to law

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