The cestu qui vie (birth certificate)

Cestui Que Vie London 1666, during the black plague and great fires of London, Parliament enacted an act behind closed doors, called Cestui Que Vie Act 1666. The act being debated was to subrogate the rights of men and women, meaning all men and women were declared dead, lost at sea/beyond the sea. (back then operating in Admiralty law, the law of the sea, so lost at sea). The state (London) took custody of everybody and their property into a trust. The state became the trustee/husband holding all titles to the people and property, until a living man comes back to reclaim those titles, he can also claim damages. When CAPITAL letters are used anywhere in a name this always refers to a legal entity/fiction, Company or Corporation no exceptions. e.g. John DOE or Doe: JANE 1) CEST TUI QUE TRUST: (pronounced setakay) common term in New Zealand and Australia 2) STRAWMAN: common term in United States of America or Canada These are the legal entity/fiction created and owned by the Government whom created it. It is like owning a share in the Stock Market, you may own a share… but it is still a share of the Stock. Legally, […] → Full article The cestu qui vie (birth certificate)

Recording your calls

YOU ALL SHOULD RECORD YOUR CALLS?? THEY DO Recording calls Hi All, I read so much rubbish about not being able to use PRIVATE RECORDED TELEPHONE CONVERSATIONS which are NOT INTERCEPTED. It’s called “My Electronic Witness” It is not attached to any telephone, used as a human ear with memory to establish the TRUE facts at that precise time for my protection from those who wish to harass, cause alarm and distress and other criminal/civil activities against me, without it I would have NO DEFENCE. So if Police Commissioner can use it, so can I. The only defence I have come across is “You have to tell us, its unethical” Well so is bloody lying to me and the court, you must only go to court with “Clean Hands” so they say. Anyway enjoy……. RECORDED CONVERSATIONS. – can we use them in court? In this day and age you can buy recording devices from high street shops to a standard that even Government would be proud of. It is surprisingly easy. However, recording conversations without the participant’s knowledge is essentially considered a breach of that person’s right to privacy. When the evidence that is recorded is central to proving a […] → Full article Recording your calls

Income Tax

Written by Juha kulevi kiskonen   How you are tricked into believing you must pay Income Tax… You have been tricked, into believing that you, a member of the public, must pay an income tax, when you are not required or obligated to do so… Let me expose the Governments fraud on you… All definitions in this post, are taken from Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th edition, some definitions are very long so ‘I will only use the relevant parts, but the whole definitions will be at the very bottom of this post. Before I do get into why we are not obligated to pay taxes, and how you have been fooled into believing you must, we have to ask, what is a ‘TAX’?, A pecuniary burden laid upon individuals or property to support the government, and is a payment exacted by legislative authority… A brief history on tax in Australia… Sovereign Australian citizens didn’t always pay taxes on income, in fact Australians never did as free men under our Constitutional right to Common Law, Magna Charta and our Unalienable Natural rights, taxes on citizens only came about due to the first world war, businesses were already paying all they could. […] → Full article Income Tax

Royal assent

G’day Australians, written by Juha kulevi kiskonen   I’m sure you have heard the expression “you should never discuss politics or religion in polite company”? Well since I shouldn’t… today I’m going to talk about one of those and I would really appreciate it if you would stay to hear what I have to say… I know most people couldn’t be bothered or are not interested in politics, I’m not a fan of it either but, it is in your best interests to take note. This is not simply my point of view and I’m sure many patriotic Australian, hard working parents, like myself, would have exactly the same point of view, but only if you payed attention to what’s happening around you and to this great country as a whole, and knew what I know to be true and correct, which I am quite happy to “Swear to under penalty or perjury”, which caries a two year prison sentence. I’m sure a very large percentage of Men and Woman in this Country believes they are in “The Commonwealth of Australia” and everything is roses, yeah sure we have a few little problems but apart form that everything is just […] → Full article Royal assent

Handcuffs and restraints guidelines

The Handcuffs and Restraints Guidelines PROCEDURES: 1. Use of restraining devices is mandatory on all prisoners, unless in the officer’s judgment unusual circumstances exists which make the use of restraining devices impossible or unnecessary (e.g. prisoner is handicapped, etc.) 2. Where feasible, prisoners should always be cuffed with hands behind the back in accordance with established standards for handcuffing. Metal handcuffs are to double-locked after they are placed on the subject to prevent the cuffs from tightening. 3. All types of cuffs and restraining devices shall be applied with caution to prevent accidental or incidental injury to the subject being handcuffed. If they are placed on the subject too loosely, the prisoner will be able to free his hand(s) and become a threat to or escape from the officer. If they are applied too tight, they may cause injury to the prisoner and be difficult to remove. 4. Once restrained with handcuffs, the prisoner should not be further restrained unless the prisoner continues to attempt injury to responding officers and/or other persons in the area. Should this occur, leg restraints shall also be used. They shall not be secured to the prisoner’s handcuffs in a “hogtie” fashion. 5. Once the […] → Full article Handcuffs and restraints guidelines

Dealing with police

What can you do if the police refuse to investigate a crime? EBOOKSRESOURCES December 9, 2016 It’s a sad indictment of modern law enforcement when there is a need for an article entitled: “What can you do if the police refuse to investigate a crime?” but when you consider that half of all crime in the Australian goes unreported, it’s reasonable to suggest that at least 50% of the population already know what I’m talking about… Unfortunately, the reality is that the police have become extremely selective about the types of crime they are willing to devote their allegedly scant resources too. Particularly where they believe those crimes will require considerable effort and skill to resolve. They blame this inaction squarely on government cuts, despite figures released by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) that shows there has only been a 6% decrease in frontline police numbers since 2010. Also with the introduction of the Fraud Act the police have effectively been given the green light to sweep the biggest growing category of crime in the Australia– Fraud – directly under the carpet. That carpet being the Action Fraud website, where all low level reports of fraud go to die. […] → Full article Dealing with police

Wayne Glew

#POST #FOR #AUSTRALIA #NUMBER 129 I was laying in bed this morning thinking about how wonderful Our Politicians are… How they #Deceived The People into having a Law for Gay People to get married ~ This Post is Not about attacking Gays. It seams that We Have #The #Most #Over #Educated #Bunch of #Fools in the Whole World Sitting Right Here in Our Parliament. First, in 1973 they passed laws that created the Queen of Australia, then the Act that makes us Gender Neutral Persons, then the Sunken Land Act… Nor are we #Ships of #Commerce #Floating on the #Sea of #Commerce So we can be dealt with in #AdmiraltyLaw. Then, #Liberal, #National, #Greens and #Labor Conspired Together to Wipe those laws out with #One #Law for the #Gays. Now for the change from them. THERE IS NO LONGER ANY Queen OF AUSTRALIA as that #Denotes a #Gender without Her, His or its consent. You can no longer be called or classed as a #GenderNeutralPerson under the Corporations Act as that would Define you as No Gender when the New Law Grants You that Right to #Decide. So No More, Sir, Madam, He, She, Man, Woman, Boy, Girl, Mr, Mrs, […] → Full article Wayne Glew

Act’s/Statutes Are not Laws

Act’s/Statutes Are not Laws Statutes All Acts of Parliament are ‘statutes’ known variously as legislation, regulations or rules. They are not laws. Statutes are often incorrectly referred to as laws by ‘trained’ barristers and solicitors, but the correct interpretation would be ‘black letter law’ (meaning statutes) which are distinguishable from ‘law’ i.e. common law – and for a purpose, the purpose being that statutes and laws are different. If Acts of Parliament were laws they would be called ‘Laws of Parliament.’ Parliament knows the distinction which it quite rightly maintains. Look at any Act of Parliament and you will notice the absence of the word law – that will give you the first clue that there is a difference. Parliament maintains the distinction between statutes and laws because those ‘in the know’ use this knowledge for their personal benefit. – A ‘statute’ is defined as a rule or regulation of a society – they are edicts of legislation used to govern that society. Statutes are subject to the consent of the society – and this is individual consent and not collective consent. We belong to society as a matter of choice. – The distinction between a law and a statute […] → Full article Act’s/Statutes Are not Laws

public servant oath

Oaths Everyone you will encounter, in the “Legal” or “Lawful” worlds, will have taken an Oath in order to claim their ‘title’. This includes Judges, Magistrates, Bailiffs, Notaries, Solicitors, Lawyers and … of course … Policymen. Acting within their Oaths, they are what they claim to be. And, in this case, they are all Peace Officers … because that is what their Oaths state. Acting outside their Oath, they are not what they claim to be. Acting outside their Oath, they are simply “Joe Soap” (maybe in in some kind of uniform, but Joe Soap nonetheless). In a Court de jure (Common Law Court), for example, a Judge will be on his Oath. However, as a Judge, he will be offered ’employment’ to run Courts de facto (Courts of Arbitrations of disputes). In these Courts, Magistrates and Judges are not on their Oaths. Thus they are not what they claim to be. They are nothing more than Joe Soap. They can – ALL – be put on their Oaths by saying “I’m putting you on your Oath. Under God, so help me God. Now we have a Contract”. A Judge or Magistrate then has two options. Either to recuse him- […] → Full article public servant oath

Learn your right of consent

Consent is often given by the individual due to ignorance of the fact that their consent can be withheld and their assumption of the existence of the authority of others over them. If the people found out that they can reject oppressive statutes… by withholding their consent – the ruling class would panic because they would lose control. A loss of control by the ruling class would not result in anarchy it would merely result in a shift of power back to the people where it belongs. This process is underway as a consequence of our greater understanding of the difference between laws and statutes. The re-writ Act is a statute. It is unlawful because it is contrary to our constitution which guarantees our right to self-governance. Just because the political establishment refuses to acknowledge and obey our constitution and the rule of law does not make them invalid. If they ignore our constitution and the rule-of-law then we have a right (and a duty) to ignore their statutes… all of their statutes… including the ones giving them the authority to tax us. This writer is not a member (citizen) of the United Nations because membership is determined by consent […] → Full article Learn your right of consent

Privacy Notice

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