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POST FOR AUSTRALIA NUMBER 132 SUBMISSIONS TO COURT IN RELATION TO CASE ON 7TH OF AUGUST 2018 Magistrates Court of Western Australia Case No 333 of 2018 ABN 93 779 861 687 Geraldton (Civil) The Application to the court is from Civic Legal PTY LTD ABN 93 603 564 889 This document in the signature section, states signature of lawyer, but it does not have one. The document has Civic Legal which is not a Lawful signature and does not have a name dispicting the person as required by the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). The next document is purported to be an Affidavit of Sandra Lee Russell. This document claims that the Trading Company known as the City of Geraldton ABN 55 907 677 173 seized my land in 2017 and then took possession of property on that land and now has decided to sell the property. No warrant to seize the property and sell it nor a warrant to enter and take possession of personal property has ever been issued by my piers i,e. trial by jury as required by Magna Carta. None exists as none has been issued. This Company has no rights over property of anyone nor […] → Full article Submission to court

Wayne Glew

#POST #FOR #AUSTRALIA #NUMBER 129 I was laying in bed this morning thinking about how wonderful Our Politicians are… How they #Deceived The People into having a Law for Gay People to get married ~ This Post is Not about attacking Gays. It seams that We Have #The #Most #Over #Educated #Bunch of #Fools in the Whole World Sitting Right Here in Our Parliament. First, in 1973 they passed laws that created the Queen of Australia, then the Act that makes us Gender Neutral Persons, then the Sunken Land Act… Nor are we #Ships of #Commerce #Floating on the #Sea of #Commerce So we can be dealt with in #AdmiraltyLaw. Then, #Liberal, #National, #Greens and #Labor Conspired Together to Wipe those laws out with #One #Law for the #Gays. Now for the change from them. THERE IS NO LONGER ANY Queen OF AUSTRALIA as that #Denotes a #Gender without Her, His or its consent. You can no longer be called or classed as a #GenderNeutralPerson under the Corporations Act as that would Define you as No Gender when the New Law Grants You that Right to #Decide. So No More, Sir, Madam, He, She, Man, Woman, Boy, Girl, Mr, Mrs, […] → Full article Wayne Glew

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