The commonwealth constitution 1900uk



The Official True Law of This Country is;

The Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 UK.
This act was derived from the draft of the Constitution put together by Australians for Australians.

Queen Victoria and the British Parliament added 9 Clauses and several other parts to control the Colonial Parliaments during and after Federation. The extra parts were added by Victoria 28 and 29, which included a Preamble.

The People of Six Colonies accepted the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 UK, including the 9 Clauses and the Preamble by Referendum.

This Constitution was put in place by a Letters Patent by Queen Victoria and included all State Constitutions in their Original Form and a Letters Patent putting in place the Office of Governor. This took place on the 29th of October 1900, coming into effect on the 1st of January 1901.

This document called a Constitution, is a #Covenant between the #Crown and #ThePeople of the New Federated Colony, which is #Indisolvable by way of the Preamble – being as #WeThePeople.

The States were created by 107, 108 and 109 of the New Constitution and derive their authority from it. Ref HCA 48 of 1996 at Paragraph 17. “The State Constitutions only continue subject to the constitution with only the authority to Alter NOT Amend, Change or Repeal”. Ref 106 also fully explained by HCA 48 of 1996 at paragraph 17.

The exercise of any authority throughout the New Commonwealth is by authority granted by Our Covenant without exception.

As the Colonies ceased to exist by way of Clause 7 on the Proclamation of the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 UK there was no authorities exerciseable at Federation under Section 51 sub section 38 as claimed by the Australia Act 1986.

That Act is a #Fraud.
There was 4 months and 25 days of only Imperial Common Law for that period of time.

“There were only 7 Legislative areas exerciseable before Federation by the Australasian Council and even less by the Colonies and all Seven are in Section 51 of the New Covenant Constitution.”

A quote from Quick & Garran under Section 51 ss 38 explains that, Quick & Garran were fully involved in the drafting of the Constitution and its full meaning.

Every Man, Woman and Child that exercises authority granted by the Constitution must state under what section of the constitution that authority comes from and must swear the lawful oath contained in that constitution without exception .

What that means everyone granted authority by the Constitution as a Politicians, Judges, Magistrates, Police Officers, Public Servants or Legal Practitioners before swearing an oath of Office must swear the Lawful Oath. There are no exceptions.

That oath binds all of them through the British Accreditation Registrar, to the Coronation Oath of the Queen.

The oath is to uphold, the Faith, the Church of England and the Common Law.

The Common Law is –
– Magna Carta
– Habeas Corpus
– 1688 Bill of Rights including;
– The Statute of Monopolies,
– The Act of Settlement and
– The King James Bible.

Every member of the B,A,R is required to Comply with the Common Law subject only to the Covenant Constitution.

Non Compliance Means No Authority Whatsoever !!!


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