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Magistrates Court of Western Australia Case No 333 of 2018
ABN 93 779 861 687
Geraldton (Civil)

The Application to the court is from Civic Legal PTY LTD ABN 93 603 564 889

This document in the signature section, states signature of lawyer, but it does not have one.

The document has Civic Legal which is not a Lawful signature and does not have a name dispicting the person as required by the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

The next document is purported to be an Affidavit of Sandra Lee Russell.
This document claims that the Trading Company known as the City of Geraldton ABN 55 907 677 173 seized my land in 2017 and then took possession of property on that land and now has decided to sell the property.

No warrant to seize the property and sell it nor a warrant to enter and take possession of personal property has ever been issued by my piers i,e. trial by jury as required by Magna Carta. None exists as none has been issued.

This Company has no rights over property of anyone nor does the State or Federal Parliament.

Reference HCA 48 of 1996 and HCA 58 of 1998 refers.
Lipohar v The Queen 1999 states, “Decision of the Supreme Court of the States do not form part of the common law, however decisions of the High Court once published form part of the common law and are binding on the Courts, Judges and People of every State.”

The Parliament regardless of whether they are State or Federal are bound by decisions of the High Court and the constitution and must obey it.
Chapter One of the Commonwealth Constitution states, “If an authority is not granted to a parliament, it is denied and remains with the people.”

There is no authority in either the State or Commonwealth Constitution for the parliaments to tax or control Our Land.

Land is purchased from the owner of the land the British Empire and controlled by the House of Lords England, the keepers of Her Majesties Realms.

Land is sold and transferred by the Governor in Council by a Letters Patent and he issues Title documents not the parliament.

In short Your Application is Theft, Your Seizure is Theft and Your Legal Fees and Rates are Theft.

This Affidavit is Dishonest Deceptive and an Admission of Theft and an Attempt to Extort money from me and Kylie.

Gray & Company lawyers have deceived Kylie into believing that she should hand over the keys to Our Building.

That is Fraud and Ms Gray is aware of that.

The City of Greater Geraldton ABN 55 907 677 173 has been and is now fully aware that they have Stolen property and entered property unlawfully.

I have made them fully aware that I have Seized My Property, their property and Company under Clause 61 of Magna Carta and that Seizure stands until a jury dismisses them.

I have Seized the Three Lawful Tiers of the State Government and hold them under the Crown For and on Behalf of The People of Western Australia.

I served a Writ, being a Commercial Lien in Tort on the City of Greater Geraldton which they Defaulted on and Defaulted on the 21 day Statutory Demand. They now owe me 2’9 Million Dollars.

I served the Company known as the State Government of Western Australia with a Commercial Lien in Tort and a 21 day Statutory Demand for $999 Trillion for and on Behalf of The People of Western Australia.

That money is now owing to The People of Western Australia.
The Company known as the Government of Western Australia ABN 07 252 6008 is now Trading Insolvent.

So now what you have before this court is The City of Greater Geraldton ABN 55 907 677 173 and Civic Legal ABN 93 603 564 889 both fully aware that they are Attempting to STEAL My Property and Claiming to have lawfully done so.

Where is the evidence that the seizures and warrants were issued?

An Act of parliament can not take away the Judicial Function of a court nor can it grant power to seize power without a Judicial Function by a Lawful Court.

This can not happen. Ref Totarnie v The South Australian Government a decision of the High Court of Australia in relation to the Phinks Motor Cycle Club of South Australia.

Dated: 26th of July 2018

Wayne Kenneth of the family Glew CPO,OWB
Commonwealth Public Official

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