Legalese and pig Latin v the people

Legalese and Pig Latin v The people who are made Sovereign by Our Constitution v The Parliament who are Neither Sovereign nor Supreme.

I and many others have entered Our Courts and have been slapped in the face with first, Your name in Pig Latin. Second the case is conducted in Legalese.

We have never consented to any of the Criminal Rubbish.

We have stated No Contract, No Liability which is correct except for one issue – the issue of consent without your knowledge.

Do Not think about how they do it because it is in their Acts and Statutes.

I have been involved in the court system for 43 years and have seen our system move from Our Rule of Law to their rule of law, meaning the presumption of innocence has been replaced Unlawfully with the Roman system of guilty until you prove you are Not.

The relentless attack on my person and my friends over the last couple of weeks by Government Trolls has led me to read all of my previous cases before and after I worked in the Police Force.

We have always had the answer to all of their Nonsense.

There are Two very Profound Words in the English Dictionary, they are the words “No and Yes”.

When you enter their courts, they say, “You have been charged with whatever,” You answer, “No”
They say you have to enter a plea,..You say “No”

They say under this act I will enter a plea for you,…You say “No”

They say, I will hold you in contempt,….You say “No”

Where can they now go with the case??

Answer is, No Where…You Do Not have to do or say anything until the case is before the court.

There is no case before the court only an allegation of a purported offence.

By saying, “No”, You are Not in their system.

If they threaten you with contempt you still say, “No”

Contempt is an arrogant disregard for the authority and procedure of a court.

A court is a gathering under the Sovereign Not Acts and Statutes.

Reference for the above Two Statements is, Lane v Morrison HCA 29 of 2009.

“The Unlawful Court is now in contempt of the High Court if it tries to do anything and is Committing Treachery to Overturn Our Constitution.”

State Constitutions must comply with Our Constitution – Section 106, 107, 108 and 109 say so.

The Simple answer to whether you can do this is, “Yes” the other Strong word.

When I was before Wayne Stewart Martin, he said, “Your company will stand unrepresented in this court.”

I said, “No” it will not.

He turned to the lawyers for the complainant and said, “I guess we will be having an old fashion court case then.”

I attacked that Lying Clown the same way throughout the case and he secummed to the word “No” every time.

could not figure for a while why they removed my statement of “No” from that transcript and others I had been involved in.

Simple, “No” means “No” they must prove authority, not just say they have authority when You say, “No”

Its time to attack their system by using these Two Powerful Words, “No” and “Yes”.

You Do Not have to say anymore, just “No” and they have to show cause and they can’t in their Acts and Statutes.

Just keep saying “No” to their questions.

There is no contempt, You are answering their questions “Truthfully”.




The Government of Australia verses The Australian Government
Verses The Federal Government established by The Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 UK and he Commonwealth Constitution 1901.

The Government of Australia is and was the British Parliament and God being the Crown represented by the Queen as Monarch.

The Australian Government is nothing more than a Foreign Company set up by Gough Whitlam and run by Political Party Traitors for the good of those parties not us The people.

The Federal Government consists of the Governor General who selects 10 from the House of Representatives, 8 from the Senate and an Attorney General who is a Legal Practitioner but Not a lawyer. They hold all of the Portfolios but Can Not sit in Parliament as they are deemed by Our Constitution to be biased.

The house of Representatives is just that, elected Independent Members who follow The Will of The People who they serve.

The Senate who checks that all Legislation complies with Our Constitution.

It is the job of the Senate to scrutinize the Parliament not the so called opposition. who are they opposing – us – or Our Will.

Then the Governor General signs on behalf of the Crown,
a law made pursuant to Our Constitution which binds the Crown to that law.

Wake Up People !!! Tell your politicians to obey Your Will,
If Not….Get Out of Our Parliament !!!

The Prime Minister is the Overseer of the Parliament –
He Has No Other Authority.

All and every law not made in accordance with Our Constitution is Void – No Exceptions at All.

Any Law that Does Not Comply is Wholly Void with No Authority:

It is time to Run Our Parliaments and Kicks Out the Traitors !!!

Australia, being the Commonwealth, is “Us The People”,
All others are Our Servants…..

Don’t Like It….Get Out or Go To Jail !!!


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