Debt where it all begins

This is where it all begins, this is most important, YOU MUST NOT CORRESPOND WITH THE DEBT ORIGINATOR IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER, FORGET THE ORIGINATOR OF THE DEBT, THEY DON’T MATTER….. YOU MUST NOT CORRESPOND IN ANY WAY WITH THE DEBT COLLECTION AGENCY/ENFORCEMENT AGENCY AND THEIR AGENTS EXCEPT FOR THE 3 LETTER PROCESS AND ESTOPPEL NOTICE or you will pay the price, what they are trying to make you do is slip up with their intimidating tactics, saying they can do this and they can do that, yeahh right, absolute rubbish, by getting you to correspond with them they are trying to gain joinder, in the eyes of the law joinder is seen as “acceptance” of the alleged debt, there’s basically only one thing they can do to you and that’s take you to court with a recommendation for CCJ’s, all that means is you’ll get a bad credit history and you probably won’t be able to get credit.
another very important thing to remember, especially at this point where you’ve just received your first letter from the original company or authority notifying you of your arrears, just completely ignore them, pretend they don’t exist, WAIT until they appoint a debt collection agent/enforcement agent or bailiff, (bailiff is dealt with separately in the “removal of implied rights of access notice”) then you can begin the process with this letter which must be sent to the agent company by recorded delivery, and i guarantee this will throw them off their tracks and confuse them, this method has been proven to work and i’ve been doing it for 10 years now, after 3 years i began to recognise certain tell tale signs in their letters, but now after 10 years i see these tell tale signs recurring over and over again, a classic example of these tell tale signs is an offer of a reduced payment, it means you’ve won, oh one other thing and this is of utmost importance too, WHEN THESE CRETINS KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR IT’S BEST TO IGNORE THEM, ESPECIALLY IF YOUR NOT SURE ABOUT WHAT YOUR DOING, NEVER LET THEM IN, IF YOU DO IT’S SEEN IN THE EYES OF THE LAW AS “ACCEPTANCE” OF THE DEBT, AND THEY CAN COME AND GO WHENEVER THEY PLEASE, however if you don’t let them in and they decide to force entry anyway, then they have broken the law, call the police to arrest them for causing a disturbance of the peace but it’s highly unlikely that they would ever do this, they know the law and they know the boundaries of their job, and this rule applies especially if you also have the “removal of implied rights of access notice” at every entrance to your property including downstairs windows, if they see an open door or window, they will try to enter through it.

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