Anyone who supports a foreign power

According to Section 44 of our Constitution ANYONE who supports a foreign power like the UN—CANNOT be in Government office. Turnbull, Bishop, Labor, Greens are all traitors to the Australian Constitution and need to lose their seats immediately. Our judiciary are in breach as well.

The UN was started by Communists.
It is a foreign Power with its own funding, government and army.
It wants to be the dominant World Government.
It promotes the rights of children, women and indigenous to cripple the influence families, marriage and especially our men.
It wants to destroy private ownership of land and business for global free trade and wealth redistribution. The UN Lima agreement has killed our farmers and manufacturing sectors.
It is influencing our judiciary and must be stopped.

OUR CONSTITUTION says— “NO to the UN”.
Get rid of these traitors…we want our country back.

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