We are no longer a nation.

The COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is a sub-franchise of the UNITED STATES Inc. so you will see a lot of similarities within the system if you look. All international law was governed by the US dollar which gave them jurisdiction over the collateral and debts of citizens in any country really. All controlled through the private city “State of London”. Our equivalent is Canberra. The UCC law system in operation has jurisdiction over any contract or agreement in the world. The equivalent registry and governing system would be the PPSR in Australia and Austlii for the procedures of simulated legal process. All of these tie together as the back room deals of shady sales merchants of the banks and the fraudulent operation of using private money for public use and modern slavery.
Australia has had lawyers turn this land into the biggest prize booty ripe for salvaging through more of their deceptive acts and practices and using fraudulent conveyance of language in all of the documents they author. They being the banks and corporations that give the appearance of a government but are nothing but a criminal enterprise enriching themselves and their handlers at the public expense (RICO).
All agents that are foreign to the land commonly known as Australia are most likely British Bar members operating unlawfully as per the original constitution which has been rendered void by these acts.
So all of this systemic fraud has imploded upon itself by their own choice. The public trust has been dissolved and the ownership, title, funds and value have been returned to each original being that the trust was derived from. Ie you.
You are worth millions of dollars and the banks do not want you to know that you have an exemption account with a crap load of money in it and they have been using your credit without lawful consent, consideration, closure and compensation. All home mortgages are null and void and all titles are to be returned to the original creditor. Their is No Debt. The time for the cleanup is over. The all new bright shiny future is here and now. Where it can only be. Rant done. For entertainment purposes only

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