CANCELING contracts


You can cancel that CONTRACT however by rescinding your
CONSENT. The Federal Truth in Lending Act provides that
any party to a CONTRACT may rescind his CONSENT, within three business days of entering into such a CONTRACT. So across the face of the CITATION you should print or type in large print, the following words:
Use blue ink [for admiralty] or purple ink [for royalty]. Admiralty is the Court and Royalty represents your Sovereignty. Either way is appropriate. Sign your signature underneath in blue or purple ink and in front of a Notary and under your signature type: Without prejudice, UCC 1-308. This is another way to declare that you may not be held responsible for this Contract pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code.Serve Cancelled Citation back it on the Clerk / Court, along with a Certificate of Service,
CV-Certificate of Service (Service of Papers Other than Citation)
Instructions: Every notice, pleading, plea, motion, or request made to the court must be served on all other parties in person, by mail or courier, by fax, by e-mail with consent, or in another manner directed by the court. Pleadings and documents other than a citation may be served by a party to the suit, an attorney of record, a sheriff or constable, or any other person competent to testify.
Proof of such service must be evidenced by a certificate of service signed by a party or the party’s attorney of record, or signed and verified if the service is made by any other person, and attached to the document filed with the Court.
by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested.
CITATION; removes your concent and removes the
JURISDICTION of the Court, all at the same time. It really is that simple!


I certify that this document was served on all parties to this lawsuit as follows:
Name of Document: ______________________________________________________________ Method of Service (include information for each party to the lawsuit served with the document):
 Personal Delivery:
Name of Party or Party’s attorney of record or agent, if any: _____________________________________
Address : ______________________________________________________________________________ Date delivered: _________________________________________________________________________ Person delivering document: ______________________________________________________________
 Mail or Courier:
Name of Party or Party’s attorney of record or agent, if any: _____________________________________
Address : ______________________________________________________________________________ Date mailed: ___________________________
Certified Mail Receipt No.: ____________________
Courier: ______________________________________________________________________________ Date of courier delivery: __________________
Courier Receipt No.: _________________________
 Fax
Name of Party or Party’s attorney of record or agent, if any: _____________________________________
Date and time fax sent: ___________________
Fax number: ________________________________
 Email
Name of Party or Party’s attorney of record or agent, if any: _____________________________________
Date and time email sent: _________________
Email address: ______________________________
Signed on ____________________. __________________________________________________
Signature of Party or Party’s Attorney of Record
Signed on ____________________. __________________________________________________
Signature of Person Providing Notice
I declare under penalty of perjury that the information in this Certificate of Service is true and correct. Signed on _________________in the State of

Signature of Person Providing Notice.
Printed Name: ______________________________________
Address: __________________________________________
Date of Birth: _____________________________________.

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