Letters if schools try to fine you


Dear Headmaster,
I had no idea you consider yourself to be higher ranking than, Her Majesty the Queen, and free to ignore the laws and usages of this realm, she swore upon her Coronation Oath, she would govern us by.
Here are you defying her, Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, and acting unlawfully, as my accuser, judge and jury, a petty dictator, ignorant of the Constitutional Laws of Australia, which state, only a jury in a court of law, can convict me of a crime, or amerce me by imposing an unlawful fine?

I will not be publishing this reply to you, on the following condition.
You cease unlawfully fining anyone, immediately.

Theft by deception is a criminal offence, Criminal Law Act 1968.

Dear Headmaster,
May I remind you of the constitutional law that is the Bill of Rights 1689 which goes something like this ” That no one is to be judged unless by a lawful jury of there peers .” With this in mind may I know the name of the judge that has presided in this matter with regards the court order required to legitimise your actions ? Or are you a professional member of the education system purporting to be judge and jury ? I will give you 14 days to respond to this matter with either a complete apology for misunderstanding and attempted extortion of money or the relevant court papers making this arbitrary behaviour the appearance of being legitimate and above board . I look forward to hearing from you in good time with good measure.

Yours Without ill will vexation or frivolity, so help me God

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