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Parking fines, Notices.
I myself have a lot of experience with Parking fines so trust me they will give up trying to make you pay, check out their intimidation tactics and underhand con tricks to gain joinder with you or try to make you pay, they don’t like it when they get it up em lol, there are rules you must abide by if you are to come away from this unscathed, never correspond with these people in any way whatsoever, even in dispute it is seen in the eyes of the law as “acceptance” of the alleged debt or in your case, fine, (parking charge notice)

One you might find of particular interest is the Tax disc warning.doc, it’s designed to be printed off and cut out, it will be the perfect size to fit in your vehicle licence holder, where your tax disc used to go, scares the hell out of traffic wardens lol, they walk away mumbling to themselves hahaha, it warns anyone attaching anything to your vehicle with a Fine notice or a wheel clamp that they will incur a removal fee of $5,000.00

Sick of paying for water. asked about your bill??? bill means you have signed a contract??? ive not have you? ask them where they get there water? they said from rivers and lakes , cool how does it get in to the rivers and lakes? they said its comes from the sky. it comes from the sky yes. they said yes,,cool so its free and you claim it as your own and then sell it to me for a load of cash. well its like this the water that lands on my roof is my water, the water ive got of you is my water,,, be it washing water,bath water ect, well im sorry water Corp i will not be given you it for free any more,, that water is my water so if you send me any bills? i will send you a bill for more than you sell the free water to me,,, so you will owe me money/ they will say you can not do that??? say i can do what i want,, i can not stop it going down the drains so you will have it. then they will go on about how they treat it and make it clean,, say to them i dont want your water, i would like you to come round and turn it off,,, they will say you will get charged for it,,, so when on phone to them
i went out side and turned it off, they will say you can not do that???? Then say i just have,,,, so please dont send me any more bills or letters,they will say we will still charge you for it, thats ok like i said send me a bill i will send you one,,,there is an other way to do it with a giro slip, plus if they go from your benifit or wages go to the 3 letter process.

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