All notes in circulation have little or no true value . True money you can exchange at the bank for gold or silver . These are promissory notes which means they are IOU. There’s nothing giving the paper value nothing backing it up except for our sweat equity or labour. This makes us the creditors not the banks and this is why all mortgages and debts are fraudulent and null and void . You see the bank doesn’t lend us anything it has nothing to lend only fancy paper IOU which have no value in reality. Your labour is the most valuable commodity on the planet which is why the banks print money from nothing and we have to work for it. This is illegal and unlawful as we have the right not to be slaves it’s written in the human rights act. No man can own another man therefore no man can take the fruits of another man’s labour making all income tax unlawful. They don’t lend us anything they simply facilitate access to our own credit which should be cheap and easy to access. A banker should be on the same wages as a librarian because all they are doing is keeping the books instead they cook the books . It’s criminal and we let them get away with it and we accept this slavery for our children. Ignorance is no defence in the eyes of the law and ignorance is an extension of the word ignore. When infinite money meets a very finite world we can either forgive world debt and start again or the shylock will take $152 trillion worth of flesh . Can you see their end game yet ?

Money is Water
Question: Where do you find a bank?
Answer: On both sides of a river.
River Banks (banks) control the current (currency) or flow of water (money).
If you are losing your house, they say your house is under water.
When you have a lot of debts, they say, you’re drowning in debt.
If you get in trouble and go to jail, someone has to bail you out.
The verb bail also means to scoop water out of a boat. We say to someone, “money goes through your hands like water”.

There are also many terms that have the word ship (a vessel of considerable size for deep-water navigation) in it.

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