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The common law court web is you change to correct you birth certificate and the fictional name the corporation would rely on to gain contract with you.

Take back control people


The fraud and corruption being committed against the man/woman is mind blowing. It’s time for you all to wake up before it’s gone past the point of no return (start your learning), and it’s free.



Why are you worried about private company politics, religion, just get on with your life and enjoy it, and why would you want to listen or obey private companies rules anyway unless your not awake, stop paying private company taxed and paying for natural resources like water have any of you got a contract with them ? Stop worrying about debt has anyone actually proved a debt exists ?

It seems these days people are programmed to obey private registered companies rules and not question your permission to do business with these companies, they just take it as being Gospel, no one questions anything anymore they just accept it as being right.

I’m pretty dam sure I wasn’t born to make others lives more comfortable than my own and being forced to obey private for profit companies and their employees and shareholders.

Have you noticed we don’t get asked anymore its all done by force, since when did private companies ignore laws for their own financial gain and the supposed law makes allowances for them to, while they expect you to obey the Law ? a short answer to that, no!!!!

If you live in Australia not the registered company ¬†AUSTRALIA ,The Law in Australia is Anglo Saxon Common Law, people who where born in Australia don’t even know that’s the only real law here in Australia, they think the registered company parliament Acts are law WRONG, ,their private company rules only, answer this

If Acts of Parlinment are Law, then why are they not called Laws of Parlinment, because their Not Law that’s why, only Common Law is the law in Australia. If your charged with murder in Australia your charged under Common law murder not Acts of parliament fact.

The only rules under Common Law are DONT HARM, INJURE OR CAUSE A LOSS if you haven’t broken any of them then no crime has been committed, so why do these private companies the police, courts, councils, all ignore it, ? Because Common law protects you, we don’t need the Human Rights Act a company rule, common law provides us with all the rights we need, but they hide them because it protects us from their fraud and corruption, like our written constitution is not been revoked its just hidden, the same applies to Magna Carta, if history doesn’t apply anymore in Law, then why are we paying and obeying the Royals then ? they cannot have it both ways

Society and public
Can you prove you joined of your own free will, because I cannot, I never swore an oath if allegiance to any Crown because that’s the only way you can join, you cannot be forced or tricked you have to join of your own free will, so go on then you prove your a Citizen or a member of the public or a member of Society, Prove it ? only the police, judges, MPs, Armed Forces swore an oath of allegiance not any of you, so why are you obeying their rules ?

It seems people these days are content just to follow orders that don’t apply to them because of threats, intimidation , and fear all Acts of terrorism look it up, where does it say under any law that we must obey forced orders and terrorists who use intimidation and threats to force us to obey them ?





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